Mac Power Batteries

Mac Power: is a battery with advanced technology, ideal for Start-Stop vehicles. Thanks to its starting power and controlled deep discharges, this battery is reliable, durable and powerful, ensuring better performance to withstand the high electrical demands of vehicles with Start-Stop technology.
MAC Power has been specially designed for automobiles:

With Star-Stop technology
With high energy demands
With a factory installed battery
High resistance to vibration

Azimi Battery

Azimi batteries are built to last longer and are rugged enough to be used in any weather condition. As the only true deep-cycle AG battery on the market today, AG battery is engineered with an advanced technology feature set that provides outstanding sustained performance and total energy output, delivering the exceptional quality and reliability Trojan batteries are known for.

Extra thick gauntlets
Life - Promise of 1200 cycles at 80% DOD
Thick spines and bus bar for excellent discharge performance
Float guide indicators to show electrolyte level in the battery

Power Ranger battery

Power Ranger battery is applicable of any type of Vahicals ,also for industrial Machinery, and for various Areal Devices.longer and thicker plates ,which means less internal corrosion lower distilled water consumption with more power and long live.

High Cranking Power
Long Life
Factory Charged – Ready to Use
Highest Reserve Capacity
Improved Safety